VCAA Announces the Rod Charko Service Award Winner

VCAA Announces the Rod Charko Service Award Winner

Congratulations Alice Reimer!

November 17, 2016 – Calgary, AB - Alice Reimer is the winner of the third annual VCAA Rod Charko Service Award that was established to recognize, on an annual basis, an individual that has gone above and beyond to build on the legacy Rod left in this Provice.

Rod had a vision for the Alberta Technology Ecosystem where technology companies, investors and mentors would collaborate and work towards a common goal of enhancing the ecosystem in Alberta. Rod was instrumental in the formation of many of the groups that have gone on to continue his work, including the likes of the A100, AccelerateAB, the Accelerate Fund and hte VCAA. Rod passed away mid 2012, before he could see his vision come to fruition.

Buy your ticket. Alice Reimer is a successful tech entrepreneur and dedicated community mentor and leader. She co-founded Calgary-based Evoco, leading the innovative software firm from initial concept through to a 2012 aquisition. Evoco's technology became the standard construction management for global retailers including Home Depot, Walmart and Luxottica. Most recently, Alice was the CEO of Chaordix, a pioneering software leader in the crowdsourcing and open innovation space, with global clients including LEGO, Procter & Gamble, KPMG and IBM. Alice was the recipeint of the PROFIT's W100 designation as one of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs and was named one of Alberta's 50 Most Influential People for 2013. She is on the Board of the A100 and is the Board Chair for Startup Calgary.

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